Find a divorce lawyer serving the Quad Cities in Rock Island, IL; Molina, IL . East Molina, IL . Davenport, IA . Betterment, IA . and surrounding Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. A divorce lawyer specializes in cases related to divorce, which the states of Iowa and Illinois refer to as a “dissolution of marriage,” effectively the termination of a marriage. The onset of a dissolution of a marriage can be an extremely trying and emotional time for all individuals concerned, particularly when children are involved. Our firm is committed to addressing the emotional needs of you and/or your children while at the same time addressing each of the issues associated with the termination of the marriage. When children are not an issue, our firm will work towards an equitable division of the assets and/or debts acquired during the marriage. A second issue is spousal support, which may or may not be awarded, and is based on the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, the skill level of the parties and the current income of each of the parties. Also, there may be issues on who owns which cars and pieces of real estate, as well as who will be responsible for which debts. When children are involved, the issues are much more complex. Some of the issues include child custody, entitlement to physical care, child support, medical support, tax exemptions, schooling, holiday visitation, regular visitation, and summer visitation. These issues are in addition to the issues addressed above. The divorce lawyer team at Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham are available to assist clients in any or all of these circumstances.