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Motorcycle Accident Statistics for IL and IA

At Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, our motorcycle accident lawyers have more than 50 years of experience representing injured Quad City riders. We’ve learned a few things about Illinois and Iowa motorcycle accident statistics that we’d like to share. Knowing this information may help motorcyclists and drivers be more aware of making decisions that make our […]

contrecoup injury
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What Is A Contrecoup Injury?

According to Johns Hopkins University, a contrecoup injury occurs when the brain jolts backward and hits the skull on the opposite side, which causes bruising. A contrecoup injury is just one type of brain injury that can happen after any kind of accident where the head experiences trauma. The Quad Cities personal injury attorneys at […]

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5 Top Causes of Fatal Rock Island Boating Accidents

Locals and visitors frequently take to the water in boats and personal watercraft in Rock Island. Unfortunately, with this comes the possibility of dangerous, fatal boating accidents. There are many reasons boating accidents happen, but it’s important to remember that if you are injured in a boat wreck that wasn’t your fault, you might be […]

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Most Common Boating Accidents in Davenport

The largest city in the Quad Cities area, Davenport is an excellent place for boating. Each summer, you can find both locals and tourists launching their boats at popular spots like Lost Grove Lake, Credit Island Park, Lindsay Park Yacht Club, and the Marquette Street Boat Ramp. Unfortunately, a fun day on the water can […]

National Grilling Month Safety Tips | Quad Cities Burn Injuries
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National Grilling Month Safety Tips

Barbecues are most common in July, so July has been designated National Grilling Month. The Quad Cities burn injury lawyers at Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham hope that you and your family grill up some amazing food to celebrate the event. When people think of barbecues, they often think of delicious meats and fabulous outdoor fun, […]

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Can Posting on Social Media Hurt My Personal Injury Case?

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family while sharing life events, both good and bad. If you’re involved in a personal injury case, sharing your story on your social media might be tempting. Social media can hurt your personal injury claim. However, not only can the other party […]

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How to Avoid a Summer Bicycle Accident

With 71 non-motorized trails for mountain and street cyclists to explore in the Quad Cities area, there are plenty of options for locals to get out and move more. One of our favorites is the Quad Cities’ portion of the 500-mile Grand Illinois Trail (GIT) that follows along the waters of the scenic Mississippi River […]

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National Safety Month: Slip and Fall Prevention

June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council (NSC) uses the event to highlight various safety aspects. One of the areas the NCS is emphasizing in 2022 is slip and fall prevention. While many people understand how common slip and fall accidents are, many also underestimate how severe these accidents can be. For […]

Amputation Injury
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What Are the Long-Term Costs of an Amputation Injury?

According to data shared by Johns Hopkins Medicine, 45% of all amputations were caused by a traumatic injury. We’ve seen first-hand how an amputation injury can impact the financial, emotional, and mental health of all involved. More specifically, how the loss of a limb or extremity dramatically impacts an individual’s ability to work, move, maintain […]

Car Accidents Cause Back Pain
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How Do Car Accidents Cause Back Pain?

Any accident-related back pain is cause for concern. And, if your accident was caused by another party’s reckless and/or negligent behavior, your auto injury may make you eligible to file a personal injury claim.