Most Common Boating Accidents in Davenport

Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham LLC Blog August 1, 2022

Most Common Boating Accidents in Davenport

The largest city in the Quad Cities area, Davenport is an excellent place for boating. Each summer, you can find both locals and tourists launching their boats at popular spots like Lost Grove Lake, Credit Island Park, Lindsay Park Yacht Club, and the Marquette Street Boat Ramp. Unfortunately, a fun day on the water can quickly result in a personal injury, especially for first-time boat owners and drivers. Below, the Quad Cities boating accident lawyers at Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham review the most common recreational boating accidents in Davenport and offer some boating safety tips.

Top Boating Accidents

In 2020, there was a dramatic increase in recreational boating in the United States. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the number of boating accidents increased 26.3% from 2019 to 2020. Luckily, the number of boating accidents decreased by 15.7% in 2021

Boating accidents are always a possibility, even for the most experienced boaters. Here are the most common types of recreational boating accidents in Davenport:

Collision With Another Boat: Collisions with other boats or personal watercraft were the top cause of recreational boating accidents in 2021. These accidents occur when two boaters fail to pay adequate attention to their surroundings.

Collision With a Fixed Object: This involves crashing into a stationary object in the water, like an anchored boat, marker, buoy, dock, submerged rock, debris in the water, etc. A crash can throw passengers from a boat and turn any equipment into projectiles that could lead to injuries. Additionally, a collision either with a fixed object or another boat can cause enough damage to the boat to cause flooding/swamping. 

Flooding/Swamping: Flooding, or swamping, occurs when a boat fills with water but remains floating. This, in turn, can cause sinking, capsizing, and/or significant water damage to the boat’s interior. Flooding and swamping are most frequently caused by collision-related hull damage to the boat. However, boat flooding could also result from equipment failure.

Grounding: When a boat is driven into shallow water, grounding or running aground occurs.  The boat makes contact with the shore and can sometimes get stranded. The crash could launch passengers and equipment into the air or overboard. The hull of a grounded boat may sustain severe damage during removal. If the damage is not fixed, additional accidents or damage can develop.

Falling Overboard: Falling overboard can lead to drowning and other injuries. Collisions, erratic driving, improper restraints, or recklessness can lead to falling overboard. This is most likely to happen on smaller boats or boats with poorly maintained railings or other safety equipment. 

Common Injuries from Boating Accidents

Any recreational boating accident can cause mild to severe injuries. Our attorneys have helped clients receive settlements from boating accident injuries such as:

Injured In a Davenport Boat Accident? 

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