The annulment of marriage applies to a “void” marriage, one that was not a marriage from the onset. It is often referred to as a “void ab initio” or “void from the beginning” marriage. Some of examples of void marriages are bigamous or incestuous marriages. A “voidable” marriage is one that can be deemed a non-marriage from the start by obtaining a decree from the court that the marriage is null and void, meaning that it is deemed to have never existed. Contrary to popular belief, a marriage may not be annulled simply due to the extremely short duration of the marriage. On the other extreme, a marriage can be annulled even if it is of long duration. However, there must be a basis for the entry of a decree of annulment such as a prior existing marriage that was not disclosed, an undisclosed physical incapacity, a marriage of force or fraud, or a marriage that took place while a party was of unsound mind. Our attorneys can assist you in accessing all the facts to determine if an annulment of marriage is the proper action to pursue.