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Driving under the influence (DUI) puts you and others at risk when you get behind the wheel. In Illinois, you could face a number of serious penalties operating a vehicle after consuming drugs or alcohol.

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Understanding State Law

Consuming alcohol at a level that affects your ability to drive may result in an arrest when your blood alcohol level reaches .08% or higher. Some prescription and non-prescription drugs also impair safe driving. A DUI offense includes all types of impaired driving.

When you choose to drive a car, you also give consent to be tested if an officer suspects you are driving under the influence. Breath, urine, and blood test results prove your exact level of intoxication.

DUIs Are Expensive

The state of Illinois enforces heavy penalties on drivers convicted of a DUI.

First offense: A minimum one-year suspension of your driver’s license, up to $2,500, and up to one year in prison.
Second offense: A minimum five-year license suspension, five days in jail or mandatory community service, up to $2,500, and up to one year in prison.
Third offense: Suspension of your driver’s license for up to 10 years, up to $2,500, vehicle registration suspension, and between three to seven years of jail time.

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